Is swift-format is still active or dead?

Time ago there was some conversations about swift-format integration to swift toolchain here.
But now It looks like swift-format development is stoped (a few PRs in repo, no answers in topics, etc)

allevato can you confirm that project is still alive? And may be you have some public roadmap?

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I see PRโ€™s being closer and commits happening: GitHub - apple/swift-format: Formatting technology for Swift source code

I do not think this is dead, but not sure by which standard to judge its speed. If I take it as a personal side project of a person or few people in a team it is not moving much slower than @nicklockwood โ€™s SwiftFormat (which is not moving slowly for me at al and whose support in PRโ€™s and Issues is excellent that also has to be said).

If I took it as a Google and Apple collaboration then, unless it considers all or most of its goals achieved already, then I could see your point more yes.

I think it is still an important project that we want to use in a variety of places. In fact, there was a PR by @cukr 3 weeks ago to integrate it in sourcekit-lsp. It may be worth pinging @blangmuir to see if he has time to review it.


This PR is really one year old but I had to resubmit it because of master->main branch rename

It wasn't merged, because swift-format isn't yet integrated with CI (or wasn't at the time)

@allevato Did anything change about the status of the CI integration?


Any plans for Swift 5.4 support? Last activity was 3 months ago.

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Worth to say that swift-format it wasn't mentioned in the Swift 5.5 release process, I asked in the thread about it but I haven't received an answer yet. Hopefully we will get some clarification soon.

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