Is it possible to use new Observation Framework with UIKit?

Apple released their new Observation Framework in WWDC23 and they use it with SwiftUI. I've seen lots of resources about how to use it with SwiftUI but I cannot find anything how can I use it with UIKit. So, I am curious about is there any way to use it with UIKit.

How we can use the two together? If we cannot, Why? and What are the restrictions of Observation Framework?

Hi @ibrahimcetin,

Apple has asked that questions about their proprietary frameworks, including UIKit and Observation, be asked over at their own developer forums. These forums are meant to be about using the Swift programming language itself.

Even though the UIKit angle here makes the comment correct, isn’t Observation part of the standard library and thus a general language feature (upcoming) or have I misunderstood?

You might want to read through [Second review] SE-0395: Observability and form your own opinion there (just keep the discussion on topic, thus limited to observation).

Sorry—that was poorly phrased on my part; it was meant to be read as stating that how Apple's proprietary frameworks (such as UIKit) adopt Swift features (such as observation) is out of scope here. The question specifically about limitations of the observation framework are certainly on topic, and any thoughts on that would be welcome in the ongoing review thread!