Is it possible to Target, Build and Run an iOS SwiftUI App from inside of a Swift Package SDK?

I'm working on an iOS App that has a numerous third party dependencies and it also contains modularized SDK code that sits inside of a separate package. Everything is under source control and I'm able to import the SDK into my app as a package successfully. I would like to find out if it's possible to add my Main App's source files into the SDK Package and build/run my iOS app directly from the Package to facilitate Unit and UI Testing. Is this possible? I've been having a hard time finding resources on this topic.

Many Thanks!

No. There is no such thing as an application target, and SwiftPM is ignorant of entitlements, code signing, and just about everything that goes in Info.plist. I usually extract all code except @main extension MyApp {} into a SwiftPM library, along with any resources the system does not need to be able to find in the main bundle. But that is as close as you can get.