Is it possible to extend non-generic protocol with generics property?

Hello folks! Recently I've discovered UIViewInvalidating protocol in UIKIt, and wanted to extend it like that:

protocol RenderableView {
    associatedtype P: Hashable
    var props: P { get }
    func render()

extension UIView.Invalidations {
    struct Render<View: RenderableView>: UIViewInvalidating {
        func invalidate(view: UIView) {
            guard let renderable = view as? View else { return }

It works fine, but unfortunately, it seems to be obscured to compile protocol extension as it requires to specify generic

// Reference to generic type 'UIView.Invalidations.Render' requires arguments in <...>
extension UIViewInvalidating where Self == UIView.Invalidations.Render {
    static var render: Render { .init() }

Is it possible to achieve something like this?

class ExampleView: UIView, RenderableView {
    // Currently it is UIView.Invalidations.Render<ExampleView>() 
    // instead of .render
    @Invalidating(.render, .layout)
    var props: Props = .empty
    private let label = UILabel()

    func render() {
        label.attributedText = NSAttributedString(string: props.text)
    struct Props: Hashable {
        let text: String
        static let empty =  Props(text: "")