Is it ok to ask SwiftUI questions now?

I know in the past, I was re-directed to ask my SwiftUI questions, on Apple's Forum, which... is not too good.
I've noticed now however, that there are more SwiftUI questions here. Is it ok to ask them now in 'Using Swift'?

I usually try to provide an answer, if I can, but still direct people to Apple's Developer Forums.
You're much more likely to get better answers there, as this forum is not really about any closed source or third party frameworks.


Apple still requests that questions about Apple frameworks that are not part of the Swift project (UIKit, SwiftUI, etc.) be asked on the Apple Developer Forums, and such questions are considered off-topic for #swift-users.

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Any idea why questions about third party libraries like Vapor or Composable Architecture are ok, but important apple frameworks like SwiftUI are off-limits here?

Is it because the developer forums are considered more public so they want more common questions therr?

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i would expect this is because Vapor is a multi-platform framework, whereas SwiftUI is for Apple platforms only.

Because Apple specifically opened these forums to that sort of discussion while also requiring that all Apple framework discussion be done in their developer forums. We all know those are terrible, but it's Apple's choice.


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Slavery? What?!

I don't think this is very hard at all. Swift is an open source project, and discussions about Swift, its development and usage, fits well within these forums.

Swift wasn't created in a vacuum, and its main usage is a development language for Apple platforms. However, Swift as a language is still governed differently than Apple's closed source software. And Swift is related, but orthogonal, to the various frameworks that ship with Apple OS-es.

There is no punishment by asking questions about Apple Frameworks here, but for the time being, one will probably have better luck asking questions over at Apple's developer forums.

The Swift project has opened up these forums for third party related projects to offer a space for community driven Swift-related projects to be discussed. There's nothing strange about that? It fits well with the goal for the Swift project, and these related projects are typically available cross platform, and give value to the Swift eco-system.


I agree with @sveinhal that the invective is not appropriate, but just to be clear: there's no 'punishment' meted out for making off-topic posts other than possibly being redirected to the Apple Developer Forums and possibly having your post de-listed.

A 'SwiftUI question' is one which does not hinge on any particular feature of the Swift language other than the fact that SwiftUI happens to be written in Swift. A question about "why am I getting this compiler error in my SwiftUI view?" is likely to be on-topic (even if the answer involves details about SwiftUI APIs) because it's a question about the language that could have arisen from an entirely different framework. OTOH, a question about "why isn't this view updating when my property changes?" is likely on the other side of the line, in that the answer probably involves a discussion about how SwiftUI works.

The line can often be blurry, and especially for less experienced users it's not always going to be possible to determine before asking whether a given question is a SwiftUI question or a Swift question. If someone can't tell if they have a Swift question or a SwiftUI question, they should feel free to post here and let folks with more experience answer their question and/or redirect them to the correct forum as appropriate.


Freddy said most of what I want to say here. I would just add that if, say, Vapor decided to stop using these forums as their official forums, and they asked us to redirect questions that are just about how to use Vapor APIs to their new forums, we'd try to do it, the same as we do for questions that are just about how to use Apple's APIs. We wouldn't be able to promise 100% effectiveness at that, the same as we aren't 100% effective at redirecting SwiftUI questions; and if dozens of projects started asking that then I'm sure there's some point at which we'd have to throw up our hands a bit. One of the pleasant side-effects of fostering an open community on these forums is that we largely side-step that problem.