Is dyld_info missing in latest XCode?

I'm missing dyld_info (formerly known as dyldinfo) used in the swift build.

xcrun dyld_info is used in swift/utils/ script and

The name change was referenced in an 8/12 commit, saying dyld_info would replace dyldinfo in XCode (rdar://98570807). I have current XCode 14.0.1 (14A400) and updated command-line tools, but I can't find dyldinfo or dyld_info anywhere. I do find all the other tools mentioned in the docs, so I don't have other reasons to think my install is bad. (I'm on x86_64.)

  • Where is dyld_info normally installed?
  • Can anyone using (only) the latest XCode verify that they have it?
  • Is there a workaround for me to obtain it?


I responded to you on DevForums.

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Quinn “The Eskimo!” @ DTS @ Apple

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dyld_info was removed from Xcode in Xcode 14.0 beta 1, but as Quinn said in the other post, it looks like it's installed as part of macOS instead at least at some point. On the ventura beta it is correctly in /usr/bin/dyld_info (as is not a xcrun symlink)

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Thanks to both of you. Sorry for the pilot error and the duplicate post.

The root cause was checking out the tag swift-5.7-RELEASE instead of the scheme 'release/5.7', resulting in the stale use of dyldinfo.

utils/update-checkout --scheme 'release/5.7'