iOS13 TouchID(LAContext) calling evaluatePolicy Not showing up Touch ID Authentication Dialog

Hi all,
My app with iOS <= can call function:
func evaluatePolicy(_ policy: LAPolicy, localizedReason: String, reply: @escaping (Bool, Error?) -> Void)
for showing the authentication dialog by Touch ID successful.
But after upgraded iPhone to iOS13 or iOS13.1. The function above seem not working any more(often the dialog not show up).
It seem many developers faced with this issues too:

Is this a bug of iOS13 ? Have any solution for work around?

Sorry, but why this question become off-topic? Is it wrong place for questions related to iOS on Swift forums?

The question is about Apple's iOS APIs, not about Swift or its environment. The question is better asked on the Apple Developer Forums, StackOverflow, or other sites on the Internet.

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Ok, got it. Thanks.

jonprescott wrote:

The question is better asked on the Apple Developer Forums

Specifically the Core OS > Security topic area.

See you over there!

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