iOS support, Transactions and other Future plans

Hello everyone, We've been working on MongoKitten more and have come up with some plans. Most of which are already publicly accessible, others are still in development or in a prototype phase.

First of all, MongoKitten will start supporting iOS with stable support targeted at April 1st. From then on forward, MongoKitten will be accessible through Cocoapods and will add support for MongoDB embedded databases as well as regular MongoDB servers.

MongoKitten has recently gotten support for Transactions and sessions. The public APIs will be fleshed out more as time progresses and more feedback is received.

Finally, we'll also be adding support for Swift NIO 2, we'll be reviewing our own public API and release MongoKitten 6 with NIO 2. MongoKitten 5 will be supported alongside MongoKitten 6 for at least 2019, meaning you'll receive the same new features MongoKitten 6 users will get.

Let me know if you've got any requests or questions surrounding our MongoDB projects!

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