iOS SDK Development

Hello all,
I want to write a iOS SDK. But I am stuck with the process in which category I need to create it under Frameworks & Library like Framework, Static Library & Metal Library and why?

  1. Suppose I create under Framework then how can I deliver it to the client. I mean what is the build process so I can bundled it into a single file?
  2. Which language will be better for the SDK Development (Obj-c OR Swift) and why?

This question is better posed over on the Apple developer forums. Not a question about Swift, but, about programming on Apple platforms.

Thanks @jonprescott, Sure I will post over there as well but I have seen similar question here also that's why I posted here. Hope someone gone through this similar situation.
well, this question is somehow related with Swift as well because now SwiftUI also Popular I want to use it in my SDK. So, in SDK might be not a problem.

SwiftUI is not part of the Swift language, it's a private Apple framework, currently. It really shouldn't be a topic on these forums (which is why those posts tend to be marked off-topic), but, the moderators seem inclined to allow more flexibility in posting.

Okay then I will ask this in some other Platforms. Thanks for your suggestions.
Just have a look of this post. This is also something similar to mine post.

There may be someone who chooses to respond. Nothing is stopping them. And, that post is an example of what is the light hand on moderation that the providers provide. However, there are forums where there are more people who can provide an answer, or at least an opinion.

As for language choice, which ever is most comfortable for you. There pros and cons with either language.