IOS generated Framework-Swift.h hides objc interface

We have a dynamic framework which embed a static one, the static one is mixed of objc/swift.
The dynamic one has couple of header file which are objc. As we want to add some support to Swiftui we have to created a swift file which is also should be a public one. We created it in the Dynamic framework. On creation of that file a -Swift.h file is generated. The issue that when when the framework is used inside the app import Framework , jumping to the interface reveals swift interface i.e only the the swift part while most of the API's are relevant to objc. I guess there is no way to combine two of them but is there a way to keep the old way so it would reveal the old API in swift manner?
the .modulemap lookalike that:

framework module P {
  umbrella header "P.h"

  export *
  module * { export * }

module Pendo.Swift {
    header "P-Swift.h"
    requires objc