iOS App Modularization, CocoaPods or SPM?

Is there someone here that have experience with both package managers and can recommend which one to use when we need to modularize an iOS Projects taking into account their advantages and disadvantages?

Why do you have to modularize your project in the first place?

Because if you don't have the need, you probably shouldn't. It is a lot of work both for you and the compiler, especially that some compiler optimizations might not be available when compiling cross-module calls.

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This will be a project from scratch just to practice with the topic; I am not trying to modularize a project in production. From what i am reading the main difference was that SPM with Xcode 11 was unable to include resources in a Package, like colour assets, fonts, storyboards/xibs etc. but now that Xcode 12 support the latest version of SPM this is not anymore an issue. Are there any other reasons to take in consideration before choosing one instead of the other?

For those who are interested, i think this blog summarize well at the end the difference between both Modular iOS Guide. Learn how to modularise, package and… | by Anurag Ajwani | Medium

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