Introducing URLEncodedForm: About Parse and serialize url-encoded form data with Codable support

I would like to create a new package this time and introduce it to you.

We often use JSON when communicating with the server, but we also frequently use keyValue Percent encoding for communication.

However, Swift does not support URLPercent encoding and decoding by default.

Additionally, if you directly input languages other than English into URL QueryItem, it will return nil.

For various reasons, I wondered if URLQueryItem could handle Encoding and Decoding. While contemplating this, I intended to use the one created by the Viper team.

However, it was not available on the iOS platform, so I ported it in order to use it on the iOS platform while maintaining all the business logic.

I apologize for not being proficient in English and for delivering this message through AI translation.

I hope to receive your feedback and well-written responses, so I am leaving this message here.

The link is located at the bottom. Please use it frequently and show your support. I would also appreciate it if you could visit my other store.

url: GitHub - interactord/URLEncodedForm: Parse and serialize url-encoded form data with Codable support.