Introducing UIKitViews: Bridging UIKit and SwiftUI Seamlessly

Hello everyone!

I'm glad to introduce you to a short Swift library that I've been working on: UIKitViews. This library offers a convenient SwiftUI wrapper around UIView and UIViewController, which facilitates seamless integration of UIKit components within SwiftUI.

Here's what you can do with UIKitViews:

  • Easily build and configure UIKit views and controllers right inside SwiftUI using a familiar SwiftUI syntax
  • Make a UIKit view self-sizing in the SwiftUI environment
  • Adjust the content resizing behaviour of UIKit views
  • Environment variables by UIView/UIViewController keypathes
UIKitView {
       .font(.system(34)) // Constant properties
.text(title) // Updatable properties
.uiKitViewEnvironment(\UILabel.textColor, .black)

Note: .text, .numberOfLines and .font are not hardcoded methods, it's a property chaining, so any properties of your UIKit views can be used as modifier methods with UIKitView.