Introducing 'LinkNavigator' - versatile navigation library for SwiftUI

Hi everyone! :wave:t2:
y'all know that SwiftUI's navigation APIs are inconvenient in many ways.

My team has developed our own navigation library so-called "LinkNavigator".
This library is good for any uni-directional architecture like MVI or Composable Architecture, but can be used in MVC or MVVM as well.

LinkNavigator is empowered with UIKit's versatile navigating functionality.
Some key features are as follows.

  • With logic routing, the navigating role can be decoupled from the View.
  • You can add, remove, and even replace specific pages in the 'Navigation Stack' with explicit and intuitive syntax!
    • the state management style is like NavigationStack API introduced in WWDC 22, but our library can be used from iOS 14.0 minimum.

I'd like to share this library with Swift community and know your thoughts.
If you're interested, check out our README and MVI-Example demo.

Thanks. :smiley: