Introducing LCLPing: a lightweight ping library for latency and reachability measurement


We are excited to announce the release of lcl-ping, a lightweight library designed to measure and monitor network reachability and latency for both client-side and server-side applications.

We are a group of researchers and volunteers operating community networks from Seattle Community Network. Inspired by WWDC’s initiative, we’ve decided to contribute to the community by open-sourcing some of our projects, developed using SwiftNIO.

LCLPing is one of the essential toolkits in our measurement testbed. We use it extensively to measure and monitor the latency and reachability of our network, in the iOS client, CLI tool, and in the servers.

As its name suggests, LCLPing can perform measurement via traditional ICMP or using HTTP. It offers a variety of configurable options, such as wait time, time-to-live, count, and duration, which can be adjusted to meet varying requirements and scenarios.

While this marks the first public release of LCLPing, it is still under development. We greatly appreciate any feedback, feature requests, or bug reports. Please file an issue on our GitHub repo or share your initial thoughts in this thread. Your input is invaluable to us.

If you are interested in community networking, feel free to join our discord channel :)