Interested in improving user experience with Scripting in Swift

Hi :wave: I am Andrew Doghry a college student from Egypt with knowledge in c++ oop and some scripting languages like bash , python and js . Lately I have been interested in Swift and started learning it and doing some simple stuff . I saw that swift organization have been included in gsoc this year also congrats . I am interested in the project (Scripting in Swift) and improving user experience with it by improving swift package manager and how it manages dependencies in case of scripting .
Can anyone to get started to participate in that


Hi there, the mentor for this project is @NeoNacho so he can share some ideas here.

In general it might be worth reading the previous pitch that was linked in the project idea [Pitch] SwiftPM support for Swift scripts (revision) and also discussing with @stevapple who worked on that on how to take it through the next steps.

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Thanks for that .
I have a question ! I have no macOs running machine can I go on that project with my Linux(Ubuntu)machine ? I already have swift on it and do some scripting with it .

Sure, Swift and everything you’ll need works just fine on Linux :slight_smile:

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Thanks :pray:

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