Interest in Package creation command and templates support for SwiftPM

Hello everyone,

My name is Shubham, and currently I am a Bachelors student in Information Technology in India. I always wanted to choose Swift as my GSoC project and after reviewing the project ideas, I got really interested in Package creation command and templates support for SwiftPM.

The major goal of this project would be to develop a template driven system to create new packages and integrate it with new command creation. Although, I haven't faced such a problem personally, I can imagine that having a template for package creation could be really helpful for big projects and bring them on board to SwiftPM faster.

I have some experience in Swift and C++. I have done some projects in Swift and have also done some Internships in the same. I am aiming to become an Apple Developer in future and continue contributing to the community, where this project will be an excellent milestone.

Thanks for reading my post. I appreciate your time, and I hope you are all doing well.

Shubham Mittal

cc @abertelrud @NeoNacho @tomerd

Hello @shubhammittal588, thanks for reaching out. Glad that you are interested in the project to improve the package creation and template support in SwiftPM!

I just wanted to make you aware that there was a pitch and proposal in this area last year (see [Pitch] New command for package creation, and package templates) which you might find to be a good starting point, at least in terms of exploring the problem space. The approach that you propose might of course be different from the approach taken by that proposal, but it might be interesting to read. There is also an opportunity to explore whether the new SwiftPM plugin subsystem can be used to support new template types.


Hi @abertelrud , thanks for the reply.
I think we can consider adding new plugin type that would make our template easy to use and also, adding more features related to templates would be much simple and easy to implement in the future.