Integrating with UIKit and RxSwift

I'm working on integrating TCA into a project that is build off of UIKit and RxSwift (started with iOS 12).
I know TCA uses Combine and is generally built around SwiftUI. I'm slowly adding some SwiftUI but I still have to support iOS 13 so it's pretty limited.

I've been thinking I should try to go pure Combine but I'm finding that, to put it inelegantly, Combine sucks for use with UIKit. It's, at best, a bit more cumbersome to use with the "eraseToAnyPublisher" stuff and at worst it's completely inadequate like with UITableView.

So now I'm thinking I might do my FRP work in RxSwift and use RxCombine to bridge to/from Combine when I need to.

Has anyone else gone down this route? Any advice?