Instant Feedback in iOS Engineering Workflows

I couldn't believe it when I watched the video, it was mind blowing. This could literally save me a couple hours PER day. I wanted to see if this could be a potential open source project for the GSoC 2020 and if anyone is interested in mentoring me for this project please reach out to me. I think this project, if implemented correctly, could benefit a TON of people who have to wait a long time for the build times (basically everyone) especially if you are working on UI changes.

That’s basically what SwiftUI gives developers, and it can be expanded to preview UIKit content as well. With improvements to incremental builds, we’re closer to this experience than when that article was written, so I’m not sure an external tool is necessary.

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I hadn't thought about SwiftUI! That's wonderful insight Jon, I didn't think about it, thank you.

So SwiftUI will take care of the UI, but will we have instant feedback if we change any of the logic?

SwiftUI's previews can be made fully interactive, so if you can expose the change in the UI, you can see the impact. If you need faster feedback for logic which isn't necessarily UI visible, simple unit tests should do it.

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That blog post is two years old. Facebook itself seems to be moving away from React Native, at least for their Messenger app.