Install Xcode after the Xcode Command Line Tools: Possible?

I have already installed the Xcode Command Line Tools on my Mac, which already include Swift. My terminal tells me that I have Swift as well:

% swift --version
Apple Swift version 5.9 (swiftlang- clang-1500.0.40.1)
Target: x86_64-apple-darwin23.1.0

Now I once read somewhere that you should not install the Xcode Command Line Tools and Xcode in parallel or install them one after the other. However, I have no idea whether this is true?
I wanted to start programming Swift and Xcode is supposed to be THE tool of choice for this.

How do I deal with my situation?
The official website only recommends installing Xcode. But no mention of what to do if you already have the Xcode command line tools. However, I don't want to break anything.

Can you help me with this?

Not sure who told you that but they can be installed in any order. Really you may not even need the command line tools if you do everything in Xcode.

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@Jon_Shier Thank you! Can I then uninstall the command line tools and then install Xcode?

If so, is it still correct that I uninstall the command line tools completely (!) by deleting the



Looks safe to me. Followed by a restart just in case.

Interestingly I found two copies of MacOSX SDK, one in:


and another in


It's just 281 MB folder so not a big deal.

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One further tidbit: If you have more than one set of command-line tools installed β€” from either the Command Line Tools package or some number of Xcode apps β€” use xcode-select to see and select which one get used by default.

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