Inspect the signature of a function

Let's say I have a function

func something(a: SomeType, b: (AnotherType) -> YetAnotherType) {
  // ...

Can I get the type of a or b so I can use it in a declaration?

Instead of writing

  let test: SomeType?
  let block: (AnotherType) -> YetAnotherType = { .. }

I would like to write something along the lines of:

let test: typeOf(#selector(something), at: 0)
let block: typeOf(#selector(something), at: 1) = { .. }

Also something similar for the return type would be nice.

Basically those types can get a bit verbose, I'm looking how to write less and clearer..

Such dynamic usage isn't possible in Swift (I'll leave it to others to explain exactly why). But if you need less verbose types, use a typealias, especially for closure types.

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