Indexing and Searching within app using swift 3

I am developing an app in which there will be around 1062 .xml files . Thses files are arranged in chapters , and navigation is also there . Now I want search feature on these files. When i will search for any word , it should disply me file names, line at which it occur . I have tried spot light search but there is problem , when any new file get added we have to list all keywords manually . Also i have look for Lucene search but not found anything in swift 3 .
Can you please guide me on this ? Again I would like to thank you for your time and look forward to hearing back from you soon.

It appears that you posted the same question an hour ago under a different username. Please don’t do this: it just clutters up the topic with duplicate posts.


Actually i have searched for swift forums there are two different links with same forum . 1 week before i have used the first link , at this time i m get confused so i have created new account . It is not done intentionally

Thanks and Regards ,

komal gade