Incremental builds with Swift Package Manager and Linux / Docker

I'm using Swift Package Manager to build my Swift server app in a Linux Docker container. Each time I rebuild it fetches all of the dependencies and rebuilds them all. Recently I started using Swift-NIO as a dependency and it takes a while to compile. Are incremental builds supported on Linux?

I tried to get incremental builds working by having my Package.swift + some dummy files copied into docker -> build -> copy in the real source files -> build. I was hoping the dependencies of the first build would be saved for the second build. Unfortunately, even if I just do two identical build commands one after another it still rebuilds all dependencies from scratch. Are incremental builds on Linux supported?

This is the docker file I'm using:

FROM bridger/swift-ubuntu:latest
LABEL Description="Docker image for building and running the Scribble server."


RUN mkdir /root/Scribble-Server

ADD Tests /root/Scribble-Server/Tests
ADD Package.swift /root/Scribble-Server
ADD Package.resolved /root/Scribble-Server

# Add a dummy file for resolving dependencies and pre-building first
ADD Sources/DummyForDependencies/main.swift /root/Scribble-Server/Sources/ScribbleServer/main.swift
ADD Sources/DummyForDependencies/DummyModel.swift /root/Scribble-Server/Sources/CanvasModel/DummyModel.swift

# Resolve the dependencies by building using the dummy sources
RUN cd /root/Scribble-Server && export KITURA_NIO=1 && swift build -c release

# Delete the dummy sources
RUN rm /root/Scribble-Server/Sources/ScribbleServer/main.swift
RUN rm /root/Scribble-Server/Sources/CanvasModel/DummyModel.swift

# Add in the real sources
ADD Sources /root/Scribble-Server/Sources
RUN rm -rf /root/Scribble-Server/Sources/DummyForDependencies

# Build again. This unfortunately rebuilds all dependencies, even though they haven't changed
RUN cd /root/Scribble-Server && export KITURA_NIO=1 && swift build -c release

Haven't played with that in a while, but previously I did something like this, and that seemed to work:

# Install swift deps to use cache
COPY ./Package.swift ./
COPY ./Package.resolved ./
RUN swift package resolve

Then copy the sources over and build the final product.

Running swift package resolve as a separate step does cache the package resolution (so future build steps don't re-download the packages from git). Unfortunately, the packages are all compiled from scratch each time. The build stage is still not incremental.

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