Improvements to SourceKit-LSP aligned with Swift 6

Aligned with the Swift 6 release, SourceKit-LSP is gaining a number of new features and improvements, enhancing the Swift editing experience in any editor that supports the Language Server Protocol (LSP) and is hooked up to SourceKit-LSP. These changes include:

Internally, SourceKit-LSP now fully embraces Swift 6’s concurrency features, eliminating a whole category of bugs that could be caused by race conditions in SourceKit-LSP’s asynchronous processing.

Should you discover any bugs in SourceKit-LSP please file issues on GitHub Issues. Running the new sourcekit-lsp diagnose command in Terminal generates a diagnostic bundle that includes most information that helps SourceKit-LSP developers diagnose the issue and fix bugs more quickly.


This is very exciting! I'm looking forward to trying these improvements out with Nova.

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