Implement Incremental Re-Parsing in SwiftParser

Hey, I'm Dhruv a 3rd year Computer Science Engineering Student at Manipal Institute of Technology. I have studied Compiler Design as a subject in my 5th semester and have a working knowledge on how parsers work.

I have experience in Swift coding and have contributed code to some iOS Apps.

I know this is a bit late but I really want to contribute to this project and participate in GSoC - 2023 and would like your (@ahoppen) help in submitting my proposal.

I haven't gone through the existing parser and would love to go through it and figure out the solution to the problem statement. But right now I need guidance to finish my proposal.

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Hey Dhruv,

Thanks for your interest. The application deadline has passed, so I can’t help you write your proposal anymore – I would have been happy to answer your questions if you had reached out earlier. If you did submit a proposal: Good luck

– Alex