Ignore macro validation using xcodebuild command

I'm coming across an issue when using macros from another package. When using a macro for the first time there is a manual validation process. When running my project in CI. I was getting this validation issue pop up saying

Target 'CasePathsMacros' must be enabled before it can be used.

Doing an initial search I came across this answer. Which suggested using -skipMacroValidation xcodebuild command. Even after using this I am still getting the aforementioned error.

Has anyone else come across this yet? Any ideas how to fix this?


Having the same issue.

Still battling the same issue...

Only way I got it to work was to add a script to the CI which runs

defaults write com.apple.dt.Xcode IDESkipMacroFingerprintValidation -bool YES

This is done before the xcode build starts but the command line flag doesn’t work. Surely just using -skipMacroValidation should work.

Later down in the build I do end up getting issues now saying a particular macro does not exist anymore if I go with this approach. Even though everything is building fine locally.

The build flag skipMacroValidation still not working for couple of people I spoke with. However, setting global settings for IDESkipMacroFingerprintValidation did work. The issue I raised where the macro couldn’t be found was due to us using a helper from Microsoft called Xcode@5. For some reason when ignoring macro validation then building using this helper, the macros could not be found.

For anyone using Azure for there CI. The work around was to invoke xcodebuild directly from command line and not use the helper