Identifiable 'id' couldn't be resolved

Hi, I have a class called "Message" and it conforms to the Identifiable protocol, DocC can not find the 'id' when I use Message/id or Message/id-property.

However, when I use other properties there is no problem.

The full warning is:
"Topic reference 'Message/id' couldn't be resolved. No local documentation matches this reference."

What Xcode / Swift toolchain version are you using? That “No local documentation matches this reference” error message doesn’t exist anymore in the DocC release that’s in Xcode 15 / the Swift 5.9 toolchain.

I have both Xcode 14 and 15 at the same time, also I've checked in the terminal that I am using Swift 5.9.

What error message do you get (if any) when you build document with Xcode 15?

Sorry for being a bit late. But I don't get any errors.

Does that also mean that the link works as expected in Xcode 15?