Idea: Let CI create downloadable archives of all build artifacts

Hi all,
I hope that this is the correct category for my question:

I occasionally play with Swift and have made a few contributions too. This means that every few months I try to get my previous swift checkout and previous build updated.
This rarely works for me - sometimes because a new version of Xcode is required as the base for building the project - and other times for reasons I can’t really explain.
In the end I always wipe all checkouts and clone swift from the beginning and start the long process of building from scratch.

So my question is: would it be feasible to let the CI server create a package containing all sources and build artifacts that are created when building the tool chain? These could be created along with the snapshot tool chains and be made available for download in the same location.
I know that there are of course different platforms and different build configurations, but if most of these are being built already for other purposes by the CI, perhaps it would not be a huge task to make these available for download as well?

For someone like myself who only occasionally performs a build, it would be great if I could just download a build snapshot (the folder containing swift, llvm, the build folder, etc.) of ‘release-debuginfo’ for MacOS and start tweaking.

Would such a thing be possible / feasible?


I love this idea! Actually it looks like your post is a direct copy of one that I made a few months back: Idea: Let CI create downloadable archives of all build artifacts

But since my original post did not get much feedback I appreciate your reposting.

I do think that there are other ways to bring a topic back to life though...