IDE for develop Swift apps on Linux

Hi everybody I'm new and i want to start to learn swift but i have a linux Os (a son of Debian) and, if i understand correctly, doesn't exist a good IDE for Swift on linux not? I don't want to start with VSCode because i prefer to see what i'm doing without test on my personal smartphone and i can't have an another phone...

Thanks for the answers... :grin:

Hi @NoNameoN, should help you get started.

Note that this doesn't explain how to use Swift, only how to set up an editor or IDE.


Try to use CLion - it's the best solution for now.
CLion is paid, but you can use it within 30 minutes and then reopen the app again

You can also try Visual Studio with Sourcekit-lsp plugin

And if you want to build some UI there's

also Cacao is here but it's unmaintained anymore


A couple words to add to the @GothStar's post:

To use CLion for Swift you'll need to install the Swift plugin. Here's the installation guide & some details about the plugin:

If you're a student, you can get a free CLion license at

@egor.zhdan Would you be interested in contributing instructions for CLion on Mac and Linux to I could write them myself, but I'm hoping others will step in to maintain instructions for the IDEs/platforms they use :slight_smile:

I'm looking forward to the Windows release of CLion + Swift btw!

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Yeah, I'll most likely add the CLion guide a bit later, unless somebody else is faster than me :slight_smile: No ETA for now, sorry.
The instructions will be pretty much the same for macOS & Linux (and Windows once the Swift plugin supports it).

Thanks @egor.zhdan!

Please also check the guides for Swift macOS/Ubuntu/etc, as that's what the IDE instructions should be based upon. In particular:

  • On macOS, you can assume Xcode is already installed.
  • On Ubuntu and derivates, I have the students install Swift into /opt/swift and add /opt/swift/usr/bin to the PATH.
  • On Fedora and derivates, I use the native packages from @Ron_Olson, which install Swift into /usr.
  • On Windows, I track the latest snapshots and update the instructions according to @compnerd's advice.
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