I want to know the world of IT or what is known as computer science

Let me know, my name is Sadewo Abdi, I'm from Indonesia, I'm joining here, just want to know what I'm about That's Swift. I want to learn here too

I used to study programming for several months and then I studied again until now I also got a certificate

Hello @Sadewoabdi

Welcome to the Swift forums!

What programming languages did you study? Did you study any C, C++, Swift, etc?

As for the computer science, a broad field, you can make a start by studying the grammars of programming languages.

I'm only learning Java with Paython but I'm still learning about C, C++

I've studied it a long time ago but haven't been able to do it yet

Hi Sadewo Abdi! Welcome! Swift is Apple's language for iOS and macOS apps. It's modern and safe. Start with tutorials and projects to build skills. Keep learning and coding!

When I learn to code I use ChatGPT. I also often create a home like Google for a website

I also got a new certificate from ChatGpt is this correct

I would recommend avoiding ChatGPT (and GitHub Copilot) at early stages of learning. These models are not accurate "advisors", and for less-experienced developers that might be counter-productive. I suggest to focus on books or at least recommended courses.

The best option would be to choose one language (a pair actually, but I expand that below) and focus on understanding it well. A lot of foundational knowledge transferrable between languages, but switching among many is not an effective strategy.

As for the "pair" part, that is C language + whatever language you like. Why C? It is one of the most common languages in the world, a lot of things have been written in C, almost every widely-adopted language has interop with C, but the most important is that it allows you to explore concepts of how program works with memory at a low level, which will help you better understand better what is happening in your app. "The C Programming Language" is not that long book to read after all :slight_smile:

Now, the computer science itself, as been mentioned, is a broad field of knowledge, and programming languages are just it part. CS is about concepts, algorithms (as general notion, not just some specific set of them), it also polar - from more practical studies to more formal. I assume your main goal is to gain more practical understanding. So your task there would be to:

  • get familiar with basic concepts in math for CS, like boolean algebra, graphs theory, etc; they in essence not that hard, but will take some time to understand; there are a lot of courses, video lectures and books.
  • learn about algorithms & data structures; "Grokking Algorithms" is the way to go for the very beginning, and "Algorithm" by Sedgewick is more advanced, still practical choice. You need to understand basic notation used, implement some data structures (like Linked List, Queue, Stack as the basic ones).

As for the learning programming itself, as I've said at the start, it would be better if you forget about ChatGPT for now. It won't give you any foundational knowledge, and in long term will only bring only harm. Choose one language, better depending on what you want to develop: Swift is mostly Apple-apps, and spreading in various directions (there is a lot of good things for newcomer as there less things to know compared to other languages, and also some complications since not everything will work seamlessly if that is not Apple platforms); Python currently most popular in Data Science and ML, which is another branch of knowledge in CS, but also used for servers and variety of apps. Java itself is different: there is cutting-edge latest releases and old enterprises with early versions of it. C++ has an extremely high entry level, so you would need a lot of time dedicated on that one, and applications are limitless. There are also Go (nice for servers), Rust (low-level stuff), C# (servers, Windows apps), Kotlin (Android, Java-replacement), JS (web mostly)... a long list and my comments on applications are narrowed to most mainstream use currently. Choose and stick with the language for at least one year, get to know it, read a few books (O'Reilly publishes most of the good ones I think) about it, write apps in that language - a lot of books have tasks in end of chapter, or you can have an idea of your own app you want to write.

That's the short version.


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Yes, choose one language at first. Swift is a great choice.

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