I want to design my own IQKeyboardManager

I want to design my own IQKeyboardManager but there's a tweak all textfields are on cells of tableview now , so now the feature i am confused is previous/next . Can anyone help me out this or any approach would be great.

I am not sure if I quite understand what you want, but this code is available on GitHub under an MIT license. If there’s a feature it doesn’t have that you need you can modify the source.


Hi, i have to design a form with lots of input textfields so rather than to implement it in scrollview i have used UITableview now the question is how to manage all fields such that previous and next will work exactly the same as IQKeyBoardManager.

If you want functionality just like IQKeyboardManager, I don’t understand why you don’t just use IQKeyboardManager.

Perhaps these two videos will help:
How to prevent issues of keyboard sliding up, covering UITextField or UITextView, IQKeyboardManager
How to customize IQKeyboardManager: Swift GitHub Repo (Step by Step Xcode 9 Swift 4 Tutorial)

May be i am not clear enough.
Note: My design is not draw on scrollview, it is UItableview which inherits scrollview but since the textfields are in table cells.

I am in a confusion since my design is on tableview , for sure IQKeyboardmanager can handle keyboard become active and dismiss but how would it know the array of textfields from table cells.

Have you added IQKeyboardManager to your project and tested to see if it does what you want? It might just work.

Thanks, it is working i should have tried before raising a question.

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