I want to become a Swift Programmer

Hi Friends i want to become a Swift Programmer what i Do i only know html css php and Wordpress i have build interest in swift programming please guide me how i learn swift programming

Iā€™d recommend reading the Swift Book

And using a tutorial site for more practical examples.
E.g. https://www.hackingwithswift.com/

Good luck!

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Also try the Swift Playgrounds app, available on iPad and (thanks to Catalyst) and Mac.

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I second Diggory's recommendation of the official Swift book.

A really easy way to try out the language is to install the no-cost, open source Termux app on any 64-bit Android phone or tablet you have and run pkg install swift to get the Swift toolchain (more instructions here). If you really get into using that, you'll want to get a physical keyboard too, USB or bluetooth, though I regularly spend hours using that app with the touch keyboard.

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