I don't want to give up

Dear friends,
I am a mechanical engineer in Turkey and just started to learn Swift. But i've never interested in programming languages before. Because of that i am struggling really hard. It's hard to understand and apply. And i don't wanna give up too.
Can you share me your sources for beginners? Please don't forget that i am Turkish guy :slight_smile: Sometimes it's hard to understand English sources. So if you share basic and easy to understand sources , i'll be thankful.

Dear @OGGY

You should check out these resources:-

Here are a few good beginners online video courses.

I'll check it. Thank you brother.

Swift is not an easy language to learn. Just dont give up :slightly_smiling_face:


If you are using a Mac or iPad, Apple has the Swift Playgrounds app which includes a "Learn to Code" series of interactive exercises.

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Thank you so much.

Another book about Swift from Apple is "The Swift Programming Language". Maybe you can read that book after you finish "Learn to Code". The text in "The Swift Programming Language" is written for beginners who have some experience in a different programming language. Some people in the Swift community have translated this book into Chinese and Korean, but I don't think there is a Turkish translation.

(I work on "The Swift Programming Language" book and some of my coworkers write "Learn to Code.")

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