HTTP API: prototype review process

I've had some discussions with Paulo and David Ask offline, and below is
the proposal from Paulo on how we proceed:

Move the HTTP Sketch prototype (of Johannes' API proposal) into the
swift-server repo
This will go into a “develop” branch rather than "master", but will have a
MVP semver tag so it can be included via SwiftPM for people to test and
benchmark with.
Have a staged review of the types and APIs
In order to make sure that we have full "review coverage", we'll structure
reviewing and reaching agreement on the types and APIs, including having
deadlines for discussion, updates and reaching a conclusion.
Reviewed types and APIs are then merged into master
Once a set of types or APIs have been reviewed, AND they build, pass tests
with at least (95%?) coverage, 100% doc coverage, have generated jazzy
docs and as well as design docs including the rationale for design
When the full set of types and APIs have been reviewed and merged to
master, raise a Swift Evolution Proposal
Once there is a full implementation in master, the API spec will go
forward as a Swift Evolution Proposal to get feedback from the wider
community. Once the feedback from the community is included, we can look
at tagging a 1.0.0 release based on master.

We'll also document the API separately etc as suggested by Helge Heß. If
this seems like a reasonable approach, we'll move the prototype code over
to the swift-server org into a "develop" branch tomorrow.

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