HTTP API Meeting #3 - Thursday April 6th @7pm CET, 6pm UK, 1pm EDT, 10pm PST

(Chris Bailey) #1

The next HTTP API meeting is scheduled for:

Thursday (April 6th)
7pm CET
6pm UK
1pm EDT
10pm PST

Using the following Webex:
Meeting Link:
Meeting Password: http

Initial Agenda:
Review Johannes’ proposal, which includes:
HTTPHeaders as a struct, Body (stream) as a class
Access to the Body stream using async callbacks
Link: To be added

Discussion points:
Use of struct for headers
Allows frameworks to be value-type based, or wrap in a class to be
reference-type based
Sync vs. Async access to the body stream
Can we support both?
If not, should be be opinionated as state async, as Dispatch is the
built-in concurrency approach?

If you'd like to add anything to the agenda ahead of time, please update
the agenda document in Google Docs.


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