How we are making it easier for new developers to get started with open source projects

I want to show you our approach from checkout to commit in under four hours.

It is all covered in my article here: Uitsmijter - Making it easier for new developers to get started with open source projects

The time it takes a new developer to get to grips with setting up a project before they can make a small code change can vary greatly and depends on various factors. These include the complexity of the project, familiarity with the technologies and tools used, the quality of the existing documentation and the support provided by the maintainers.

This hurdle becomes even more significant when you consider that many enthusiastic developers first gain an overview of various projects in order to acquire basic knowledge. Only when it comes to a specific application they refer back to the respective project and actively participate in the development and maintenance.

At Uitsmijter, we have recognized that these hurdles are generally too high and have made it our mission to inspire developers with our technology and our onboarding process.

For version 0.9.6 we add a new tooling command that opens up a IDE in browser to start developing right after checkout.

Let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing your 2ct on our toolchain and the possibilities for setting up a unified environment. The tooling is completely OpenSource I would love to get some feedback about the current state, while moving on to v1.0.0

Have a great day,

PS: thanks to @0xTim for helping me out fixing the tests facility.

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