How to windows install

So, I wanted to try and learn this on my windows machine but I cant figure out how to install it. I installed what it told me to but I'm missing the punchline to the joke! So can someone give me step by step on how to do it and how to run it. I'm missing something somewhere. - Windows Installation Options does have instructions for installing Swift on Windows. You haven't really explained what problem you are running into, so there isn't much else that can be suggested other than follow the docs.

I can not figure out how to get swift to load. Do you do it in MS studio's? I followed the directions but I'm not getting swift to run.

The described use of Scoop might be the way go. Else, you should follow the traditional installation for the requirements but stop before “Support files” which are — as noted — not necessary any more for a current Swift version. Note that the 2022 Visual Studio version is fine, but for Python you need the exact version 3.10.xx as documented in the winget call for the current Swift.

It is recommended for Swift to allow the creation of symlinks e.g. via enabling the developer mode of Windows. You might dispense with it for security reasons, but then you get an according warning while compiling, and you will have problem if some package you require uses symlimks.

You then use the Swift installer from the Swift download page. The installer will set some environment variables.

Visual Studio is not for editing Swift, it is a prerequisite for different reasons. Use Visual Studio Code with the extension for Swift from the Swift Server Group as IDE.

If you do not know Swift yet, note that you will have to learn about both the Swift language itself and the Swift package manager, cf. the Swift documentation page.

There is a lot of good information on the Swift website, you might find some more answers in my Swift Guide (but this Swift Guide is only a temporary thing, all information should eventually be on the Swift website).

@compnerd: The installation instructions for Windows currently seem to be a bit incomplete, maybe because of the recent big update of the Swift website? (I am not saying that this is your responsibility, the experienced users of Swift on Window should all help to keep an eye on it.) The “Install using the Windows Package Manager” seems to be quite empty, only referring to the Windows Package Manager itself, and the hint for the Windows Developer Mode is currently missing (there is a pull request for the last one). Update: The information for using the Windows Package Manager is below the headline for Scoop, so this might be mostly about sorting the content a little bit / setting according headlines.

So do I use Visual studio or Scoop to use swift. I thought I needed both. Sorry I'm not good reading between the lines. I like detailed step by step in instructions.....

On the page referred by @compnerd the installation is described. Once things got installed, you can forget about the installation page, you then use Swift via the command line or with Visual Studio Code which is not "Visual Studio" but a different product from Microsoft. See above:

Sorry for being late here. The Windows installation guide was broken for a while and now it has been fixed! Please try again and feel free to ask anything if you meet new problems.

OK so I'm not a software developer at any means. I did the steps Installation via windows Package manager steps 1 to and 2. I installed Scoop but when you ask to do step 2 to to install platform dependencies. nothing really happens when do the curl action and the one with start. I get a big long message saying that it does not exist.?????
step 3 install scoop install swift that runs.
SO after doing all of this even is I cant get the dependencies to run how to you start Swift????

Sorry guys I'm just trying to learn something new for a class.

If you already run through these steps, you’re done. No need for other installation methods, they’re just other alternatives.

Well, did you pay attention to the notice that, this should be run in CMD instead of PowerShell?

yes I did it in CMD.

May you paste the screenshot or the CMD outputs here, so that we can further investigate the problem?

BTW I think you should be able to use Swift now. Try swift --version in your terminal.

Looks very good now :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks.

Just one note: Maybe a hint might be sensible that you might not be allowed to use the Community version of Visual Studio (for Visual Studio 2022 if your organization has more than 250 PCs or users, or one million U.S. dollars in annual revenue).