How to use SourceKit-LSP

hello I'm intaek cho from Korea.
I'm reading some documents about SourceKit-LSP because of GSOC2020.
I'm just curious about how to use SourceKit-LSP. I just installed a latest snapshots earlier.
but I was not able to run any commands like 'xcrun sourcekit-lsp' that is in README on terminal.
all it does see errors like 'xcrun: error: unable to find utility "sourcekit-lsp", not a developer tool or in PATH'.

what should I do after install snapshots?

I'm still learning English by the way, please understand.

I don't know anything about sourcekit-lsp, but you should be able to do eg this (assuming you have installed a recent development snapshot):

xcrun --toolchain swift sourcekit-lsp --help

Which on my system will print:

OVERVIEW: Language Server Protocol implementation for Swift and C-based languages

USAGE: sourcekit-lsp [options]

  --build-path          Specify build/cache directory
  --configuration, -c   Build with configuration (debug|release) [default: debug]
  --log-level           Set the logging level (debug|info|warning|error) [default: info]
  -Xcc                  Pass flag through to all C compiler invocations
  -Xclangd              Pass options to clangd command-line
  -Xcxx                 Pass flag through to all C++ compiler invocations
  -Xlinker              Pass flag through to all linker invocations
  -Xswiftc              Pass flag through to all Swift compiler invocations
  -index-db-path        Override index-database-path from the build system
  -index-store-path     Override index-store-path from the build system
  --help                Display available options

I did something which solved my problems. And I got same result like you of that command.
I don't know still what to do now after that, but thanks for reply!

I guess you’d probably want to use an editor which uses sourcekit-lsp. The project website includes instructions for how to do that. VSCode and Sublime Text are some popular editors you might want to try.


thanks for reply
yes I'm gonna use it for VScode. But I have a problem while using VScode.

[Error - 8:22:42 PM] Starting client failed
Launching server using command sourcekit-lsp failed.

This message is on terminal of VScode. What should I do?

and also I guess I can use sourcekit-lsp on Xcode right?
I got an error while using a command which is xcrun sourcekit-lsp.

I solved it finally.
For VScode, I set sourcekit-lsp path which is like


on 'Server Path section' that you can find on Preference/Extensions/SourceKit-LSP.

I don’t think Xcode uses LSP yet, but I’m not sure (if it did, I’m sure the sourcekit-lsp docs would mention it). In any case, VSCode is kind of the “reference implementation” that everybody works off. It’s also open-source and more easily debuggable.

Glad that you got it working.

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On Xcode 11.4, which it was released just few days ago, you get the sourcekit-lsp along with Xcode.

there is just one problem that I have with running it. I did as exactly as the doc says, xcrun sourcekit-lsp, but it doesn't seem to run. it's just there and nothing happens... any idea how long does it take to run? :slight_smile:


Hi @ItsSam, you don't generally want to run the server from the command-line, you want to configure an LSP-compatible editor to run it. There are instructions for the most popular editors here; the general idea is to configure the editor to run xcrun sourcekit-lsp, or if the editor requires the full path to the executable, you can use xcrun --find sourcekit-lsp to get it. If you just want to sanity-check the executable, you could use the --help option to see the help message.

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I have XCode 11.4 installed, but there seems to be no sourcekit-lsp, xcrun sourcekit-lsp fails. So how can I get it?

you don't need to run xcrun sourcekit-lsp at all, all you need to do is to find the path, where sourcekit-lsp is. run this in Terminal xcrun --find sourcekit-lsp , that's all you need to do. :slight_smile:

see if you get a path like this,

Hi all,

I don't know if it would help anyone but while trying to run

xcrun --find sourcekit-lsp and xcrun sourcekit-lsp

I had the same error:

xcrun: error: unable to find utility "sourcekit-lsp", not a developer tool or in PATH.

What I did to solve this issue was to reset the path using xcode-select like so:

$ sudo xcode-select -r

It seemed indeed that I had fiddled with xcode-select in the past which I didn't remember.

Best regards,

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