How to use replies in the forums

Hi, I seem to be struggling with the reply mechanism. When I reply to a post it doesn't come indented underneath the post I replied to. It rather comes as a separate thing (as if it were a whole new discussion). I then tag the person I'm trying to reply to without really knowing if they got the initial reply notification I intended to send.

Can someone clarify how this works?

Just select a fragment of the post you are replying to and press "Quote" in the popup menu like I just did. Replies are not shown under the post you are replying to but in a chronological order, however if properly quoted you can quickly go from a reply to the post it is quoting.

so this shouldn’t come under your post

Edit: ah I see. Thank u for clarifying that. However, sometimes my replies do come under people’s posts. Why is that? @tera

(Btw did I need to tag you again or are u notified of changes in my post)

No need to tag explicitly; I am automatically notified about all posts in a topic if I created it or (as in this case) replied to a post in it. I'm also getting a badge indication when I am getting replies, likes or tags.

If you click "Reply" on a post that is not the most recent post, then it'll show your reply inside a little box if you click the "X Replies" button.