How to use C++ standard library via Swift C++ interoperability

I've recently been interested in swift c++ interoperability. I'm not quite sure how mature this is now but I found a repo cpp_example, which seems to use some C++ features like namespace or class.
However, this example doesn't use c++ header inside so, I tried but failed

  • the headers were not found when I added c++ include statements like #include <iostream> at the top
  • build error occurred with the flag swift build -Xcxx -I /{path-to-toolchain}/usr/include/c++/v1

Is there any way using c++ headers or not available?

Swift doesn't currently have any official direct C++ interop. The Swift for TensorFlow project has been dabbling with it I believe (as well as some other people individually), and I'm not sure if any of that work has been merged into the current master branch.

Thanks! As you mentioned, I'm using Swift for Tensorflow 5. The cpp_example contains some c++ feature like namespace and class structure and it worked in my environment properly with S4TF so, I think the compiler implements at least some part of c++ compilation flow.
However, I couldn't find a way to include c++ header by S4TF, even it's possible or not.

Is there anyone who knows about this?

I believe the limited c++ support currently in the compiler requires that you use a module map to define your c++ module, and then import that. You'll also need to pass the hidden -enable-cxx-interop option to the frontend. As @nuclearace said though, the feature is experimental, so a lot of c++ constructs won't import properly yet.

“experimental” is generous - AIUI, it’s even more preliminary than that. The last patch got hung up about how to represent C++ upcasts.

Take a look at the compiler tests to see what is supported.

Thanks, I got it. I'll check out the support and the tests.

@owenv Do we have any way to see which flags are used to build a pre-built swift compiler like swift --show-build-flags because I'm going to build from source if it's not built with it.

Sorry for the confusion. The flag I was referring to is one you pass to the compiler when building your project, not one the compiler needs to be built with. It should work with any recent-sh master snapshot from, and you can pass it by including -Xfrontend -enable-cxx-interop when invoking swiftc. You can check and see if the compiler you have supports it by looking for it in the output of swift -frontend --help-hidden.

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Ok, I see. I'll try it. Many Thanks owenv!