How to use a package for a project created with "swift package init --type tool --name MyTool"

Edit: the problem is due to package dependency conflicts: What’s the right way to create a command line tool using ArgumentParser? `swift package` or Xcode create Mac command line tool project? - #3 by young

I can open the newly created project in Xcode by open Package.swift and run inside Xcode with the "My Mac" target.

Then I added dependency to this package:

by editing my Package.swift. But as soon as I enter the dependency to the spinner package, the "My Mac" and all other target disappear and left with "No Destinations"

But if I do this with a Xcode Command Line Tool project and add this Spinner package, it works. If I then add ArgumentParser dependency, rename main.swift to FooBar.swift, remove all top level code and add my ParsableCommand, crash on run from inside Xcode.

I believe I read somewhere here that this is a known problem and I should create my project using command line swift package init --type tool.

How can I add this spinner dependency and Argument Parser?

This spinner has a few dependencies and if I add one of them, the same problem with no target.