How to update to Swift Programming Language Swift 5 in iBooks

I have a copy of The Swift Programming Language (Swift 3.0.1 Edition) in my local iBooks library. When I go to iBooks and try to Read The Swift Programming Language Swift 5, my Swift 3.0.1 iBook is displayed.
How can I update from Swift 3.0.1 to Swift 5 in my local iBooks Library?

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bit off topic, but using iBooks n.e. Books can be quirky. to update books you’ve “purchased” and are linked to updates (which this is), tap on the icon for your account, which reveals a page giving details about all your books. from there tap on update, and you should see the swift book and a button to update it from there.

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Reading the developer's documentation is part of learning Swift. Got to the list of the books in my library but no update button. Many of my iBooks show a cloud symbol but not Swift Programming. Will keep looking for an update

I've many times hit the problem of a particular apple device thinking it has the latest version of the book when it actually doesn't. One way to workaround this is to delete the book and re-download it.

Another option that might help get you unstuck is to download the ePub version of the book from - Documentation. It'll open in Books, too.

Going to try deleting the old version and then download Swift 5. Would like to stay with the original iBook file format. Have yet to find an update button.

Are you on a MacOS device or an iOS device? If it's the former, click on the downloads button to the right of the search bar in your library, that should list everything that has an update available. You can update them from there.

If you're on iOS, select the "Reading Now" tab, then click on your account icon in the upper right corner (at least that's where it is on my phone, don't have an iPad handy to verify), that will take you to your account page. From there you should see an "Update" table cell. Tap that to download updates (if any are available).

I am on OSX 10.13 so maybe that is why I don't see what the responders are seeing.

I went the Delete and Reload route last night and now have the documentation for Swift 5. The pictures in my Library changed and I am content.

Thanks for all the suggestions.