How to supress the 'protocol as a type must be explicitly marked as 'any'' warning

i’m getting a deluge of these SE-0335-related warnings ever since i upgraded to the february toolchain. the problem is that existential any only seems to be enabled on some platforms (notably, it does not currently work on swiftlang/swift:nightly-amazonlinux2 docker), so actually fixing the warning means the application will not build on docker.

This is...concerning. So SE-0335 is implemented only for some platforms and not others, meaning Swift syntax is platform-dependent?

i honestly think it’s just a version de-sync between the amazon linux nightlies and the ubuntu nightlies. the problem i remember is that enabling the frontend flag for existential any (i forgot what it is called) in Package.swift does not have any effect, probably because the flag is not getting forwarded to the right destination.

... it sounds like you have two development snapshots that are slightly out of sync with respect to a new feature.


right, that’s what i said. is there a way to get the slightly older toolchain to accept sources written for the slightly newer toolchain that works with SPM?

(to be clear, i never meant that the problem was anything bigger than an installation-side de-sync, saying it’s “only implemented for some platforms and not others” is an mischaracterization)