How to support TLS 1.3 using SwiftNIO?

I use man in the middle to capture iPhone traffic, I know SwiftNIO supports TLS 1.3. I want to know how to implement this feature. Is there any place to specify the TLS version? @lukasa

Are you using swift-nio-ssl or swift-nio-transport-services for your TLS?

In both cases, I'll note, TLS 1.3 is supported by default and does not need to be manually enabled.

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@lukasa swift-nio-ssl

So, What should I do to get the final handshake TLS version?

This is currently not exposed by swift-nio-ssl. Please file an issue to request that the information be added.

Please post the issue number here when it has been opened @yb_cherry. Thanks!

Thank you!

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@lukasa hi, lukasa, Does swiftnio support quic and http/3?
if not, Do you have a plan to support quic and http/3?
What is the deadline?

SwiftNIO does not support QUIC or HTTP/3 at this time. We have no immediate roadmap to do so, but we'd like to do it eventually.

Wow, that sounds great! Look forward to that day soon!

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