How to set a Quick Look function button in Xcode?Thx

Like upon my learning lesson's picture, it's good idea ability to check the codes' condition.
but how to set the Quick Look function button in Xcode? I just can't find the corresponding button.Thanks~

I assume that you are using Swift Playgrounds file in Xcode (like in the screenshot you posted), rather than an Xcode Project.

If so, the Quick Look button (the one that looks like an eye) only appears when you hover over a line in that sidebar (which appears to be named the 'Live View'.)

Also, lines only appear in that Live View sidebar when the code is running. Make sure that the run/stop button at the bottom of the window is showing a 'stop' (square) icon (which means that the playground is running.)

Thanks for your reply.
Sounds like it only runs on Swift Playgrounds... :thinking:

If you are in a conventional Xcode project then you get the quicklook view another way.
Have a look at these links.

Short answer: set a breakpoint and then you can either hover over the variable or there's a quicklook button at the bottom of the debug bottom bar.

BTW these kinds of questions about Xcode are techincally best asked in the Apple Developer Forums.

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