How to report bugs in SwiftSyntax?


I tried to parse the following file Signal-iOS/ProfileFetcherJob.swift at master · signalapp/Signal-iOS · GitHub with SwiftSyntax and received multiple errors about unresolved syntax (especially in value bindings)

E.g. the highlighted snippet on the code was marked as UnresolvedPatternExprSyntax. It can be reproduced using code:

        let sourceSyntax: SourceFileSyntax = try SyntaxParser.parse(URL(fileURLWithPath: source))
        class UnresolvedSyntaxVisitor: SyntaxVisitor {
            override func visit(_ node: UnresolvedPatternExprSyntax) -> SyntaxVisitorContinueKind {
                return .skipChildren

I believe it's an error in the library. But what to do with that?


SwiftSyntax bugs can be reported at in the SwiftSyntax component. Thanks!

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