How to perform Binding on a State property and SwiftUI in TCA?

Hello, Thank You Point-Free!!!
I'm really enjoying :slightly_smiling_face: TCA,
Can someone please help me how to make my count property on State bindable in swiftUI where i want to asigen this count property to a @Binding property in SiwftUI.
couple of examples would be really helpfull.

struct AddToCartDomain: ReducerProtocol {
    struct State: Equatable {
        var count: Int = 0    // 👈 making this binding in SwiftUI
    enum Action: Equatable {
        case didTapAddToCartButton
        case didTapPlusButton
        case tapTapMinusButton
    func reduce(into state: inout State, action: Action) -> EffectTask<Action> {
        switch action {
        case .didTapAddToCartButton:
            return EffectTask(value: .didTapPlusButton)
        case .didTapPlusButton:
            state.count += 1
            return .none
        case .tapTapMinusButton:
            state.count -= 1
            return .none