How to move XCRemoteSwiftPackageReference from the Xcode project

I have an issue with SPM remote package dependencies. Right now, due to proxy and VPN issues, I have to replace remote packages that are declared in the project file under the tab "Package Dependencies" with local folders for testing and sometimes to overcome some network issues while checking out remote packages.
Is there a way to move the GUI setup away from the Xcode project file into a separate file, for instance? This way, we could easily swap the remote settings with a file containing local settings.

Any suggestions will be appreciated!

I would recommend adding your project to a workspace, you can then drag local references to any packages into the workspace and let them override the remote dependencies. When you want to go back to using remote packages, open the project outside of the context of that workspace.

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Thank you, this is indeed a valid way of doing it. For the sake of completion, since in my case this won't fit our project, would there be a second way or workaround for this?

Actually, This works pretty well. Thank you!