How to Learn Swift Programming/Coding

Hello All, I want to know how can i learn swift programming. I have checked some courses but i am confused about which one is better? Currently, i am doing a practice for coding on InterviewBit to make my concept clear. Now Can anyone tell me the right course?

I find it helpful to go through The Basics — The Swift Programming Language (Swift 5.4)

It is updated with every version of Swift (it is also available via the Books app).

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@ankitdixit check out the Unwrap App to learn swift programming on your iPhone / iPad

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Thanks @somu

Thanks @byaruhaf i will go through

Hey @ankitdixit, hope you're doing well. As a newbie here myself, I feel as if it really depends on your learning style. If you're a hands on, doer until you have to Google, then just jump into a basic app and give it a go. There's lots of free tutorials and such out there on YouTube and even some great courses if you're more of a learner type. I do know that Stanford University publishes their iOS Development course lectures on YouTube if you're looking for something formal.

One thing to note that I've found along the way is when searching for information and tutorials, be sure to check the date it was created as I've found many things have changed as the Swift versions progressed.

I hope you enjoy your journey, wish you the best of luck!

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