How to have SQLite as a dependency for a Swift Package that can used in Swift Playgrounds 4?

Hi, I have a package which is using SQLite3 but It is using the SQLite C code as dependency. Unfortunately it looks like this is not supported by Swift Playgrounds 4.

A bit of search is confirming it: Adding packages in swift playgrounds 4

This is fine since SQLite3 can be imported directly on Apple platforms but now I need a way to make the Swift Playgrounds happy when still keeping around the SQLite C code(a version from Vapor).

Another issue is, I need to call sqlite3_config(SQLITE_CONFIG_SERIALIZED) function on SQLite but this is a variadic function c which cannot be called from Swift directly and thus not available with the system's SQLite package. Normally I would call it from C but that's not an option with Playgrounds. Maybe there is another way to make SQLite function in serialized mode?

Any ideas on how to have those issues fixed?

Thank you!